Friday, February 11, 2011

154. Foodie Friday

Grilled cheese wafer
I make these wafers for ladies lunch.  Everybody loves them.  The ones on diet glare at me but can't resist.  They always have a few.

Try my recipe.  It is so easy.

  • A baguette or a loaf of bread, frozen 
  • Cheese, sliced thin. I used cheddar 
  • Butter, softened
  • Mustard, or Chili oil 


1.  Cut the frozen bread into very thin slices.
2.  Add some mustard or chili oil to the butter and stir to mix well
3.  Butter the bread on one side.
4.  Put the sliced cheese between the bread, buttered side on the outside.
5.  Place the sandwiches on a heated cast iron pan and cover with another pan or use a pannini press.
6.  Fry or grill the bread till it is golden and crispy.
7.  Turn over and do the same for the other side of the sandwich. Remove and keep warm.
8.  Put a piece of bread, mustard side up on the pan. Top with a slice of cheese and a grilled cheese wafer.
9.  Fry till golden. Keep the bread weighed down.
10. Keep adding cheese and bread till you have many layers of buttery, cheesy, crispy wafers.

Foodie Friday

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Donnie said...

I can see why the dieters give in. They look delicious.