Wednesday, February 9, 2011

150. My World Tuesday

Vancouver Chinatown at East Pender and Main

2011 Chinese New Year parade

Vancouver  Chinatown is one of the attractions for visitors to the city.  It is 125 years old and is a vibrant, bustling place.  There are celebrations, such as the Chinese New Year or Spring festival and the mid-Autumn festival.  Food, shopping and sightseeing will make for a memorable visit.  In the summer, the night-market is open on weekends.

I usually dash to Chinatown for the meat and vegetables and take the place for granted.  I enjoyed myself so much at the CNY parade on Sunday that I plan to visit more often for photos of Chinatown for My World Tuesday.  These pictures are the first in a series about Vancouver's Chinatown.  I hope you enjoy them and will join me to see the various sights and treats here.

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Donnie said...

You were really able to take quite a few pictures that day. Loved them all.