Tuesday, February 1, 2011

138. C is for cel phone

Talking on the cel phone in Venice
Texting in Vancouver, BC

ABC Wednesday
It is difficult to remember that, not so long ago, we didn't have cel phones.  It seems everyone has one.
Except for Jack Nicholson.  I read that he refuses to use one.

How could I forget C is for cat??  Here is Maxx the Cat


Donnie said...

What good photos for the letter C especially Maxx.

Martha said...

I do not yet own a cell phone which means I am still able to escape without anyone knowing where I went.

I like Maxx.

☺lani☺ said...

C is also for computer, here I am typing a message while looking at your post of celphone ;) Happy Midweek!


Hooked on Memes said...

Hi Donnie:

Thanks. Glad you like the photo of Maxx.

Hi Martha:

I can't imagine not having a cel phone any more but at times it is a nuisance. Glad you like Maxx. He is a very sweet cat.

Hi Lani:

Haha! I forgot about computer. Looking at it and using it and I didn't think about C is for computer. It is like hiding in plain view!

Gattina said...

Couldn't live without a cell phone ! I even wonder how I could live without before, lol !
Of course your cat picture is my favorite !
ABC Team

Nanka said...

Cell phones and computers have shrunk the world and global community is small!!

A meow to the =(^.^)=

My ABC Wednesday C

Lulu Post said...

yes Cell phone... good one!

Visiting you from ABC Wednesday. I followed your blog too. I hope you can do the same and please visit my entry too.
C is for Crab Legs

chubskulit said...

Maxx is so Cute!

C is for Crystallized Twigs, please come and see.

Mona said...

my daughter would love your cute Maxx, have time to visit my C entry.

Roger Owen Green said...

I hate needing a cell; hate hearing others talk on a cell.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Kay L. Davies said...

I have a cellular phone but I only use it when I'm away from home. I very seldom use it in the house, where I have one phone line and my husband has another, and I also have Skype.
Maxx is a real cutie. A cute cat for the letter C. I love our dog, but I miss having a cat.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

EG Wow said...

Cell phone is a GREAT c-word. They certainly are everywhere these days. At least these guys seem to be keeping their conversations private.

Larry D said...

Great post!

Cildemer said...

Very nice post for C day!
You've got a lovely cat. And your Carpet is a very nice subject for this meme too;o)
And I've got a carpet which is very likely yours!
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to commento)

Have a beautiful week****

Kim, USA said...

Every one has a cellphone now a days some are too high tech but mine remains to be low tech ^_^ Happy Thursday!

ABC Wednesday