Thursday, May 26, 2011

226. Macro Friday

Comfrey, (symphytum officinale)
Bees love the comfrey flowers

225. Lost cat

Wordless Wednesday

I am entering this photograph for the  Thursday Photo Challenge - "Wet" and Walk in the Street.

Posters for lost pets are a common sight in Vancouver neighbourhoods - beloved pets are often taken by coyotes.  The owners posted quite a few of these notices.  Look how carefully they sealed the poster in plastic and tape but the Vancouver rain still managed to seep into the envelope.  I hope they found their cat.

224. North American Boreal Forest

Arial view of boreal forest in Northern Manitoba during spring break-up (March)
Close up of the ice surface
View of boreal forest in July

Season 4, Episode 46

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

223. Window views

View from my former office - a drab view except in spring
Window Views

222. Outdoor Wednesday

Deer in a garden in Victoria, BC
Another view of the beautiful garden


221. S is for spot prawn, salmon, sashimi and Scotch eggs

Wild BC Spot Prawns are in season!

Steamed spot prawns with aïoli
Sashimi with wild BC salmon
Spot prawns and salmon are British Columbia delicacies.  Japanese food, especially Sushi and Sashimi,  has almost become the native food of Vancouverites.

S is for suphos and slymultu - these are created by word verification!  How about using these two words in a sentence!

Scotch eggs - one of my favourite ways of cooking eggs
S is for Sylvia

220. Ruby Tuesday

A beautiful garden in Victoria, BC
Work of the Poet

Thursday, May 19, 2011

214. Thursday photo challenge - Happy

A celebration always involves feasting on a roast suckling pig!

The crackling is served - the meat and bones are used for soup

This is my entry to  the Thursday photo challenge - Happy