Saturday, July 30, 2011

269. Weekend Reflections

This is like the distorting mirrors in a fair.  My image appears twice, above and below the line.
My husband and I went to the hardware store in Richmond, BC to buy a ballast for a neon light fixture.  I looked across the parking lot and the subject for Weekend Reflections was right across the street next to the ICBC, the car insurance claims centre.

Here my image is shown standing on a plastic barrier thingy taking the photo
How about these reflections?  What do you suppose this is?
Scroll down and the shiny object will be revealed
Large head of Lenin - sculpture for the Vancouver Biennale
Weekend Reflections #97


Marydon said...

Good eye & great shares.
Have a beautiful PS weekend ~

Kay L. Davies said...

I would never have guessed the identity of the crumply reflective thingy if you hadn't revealed it. I was thinking "ICBC, crumpled car" even though I actually saw this statue of Lenin a couple of days after I saw you this summer.
A remarkable place to find weekend reflections, Christine. Wow.

—Kay, Alberta, Canada

'Tsuki said...

Wow ! This is quite a reflection, indeed ! The first shots are terrific ; and I like the way you enlarge the frame, picture after picture to get the total view of the sculpture...

Well done.

Gine said...

Belle idée, originale ! La première est pour moi la meilleure !

James said...

Very cool! What fun reflections!

Dimple said...

Great post, you kept me interested to find out what it was!