Tuesday, January 11, 2011

100. Rednesday

Beautiful  Japanese wrapping paper
Japanese packaging and wrapping paper are art objects.

In fact, I find the package more appealing than the contents. I gaze at the package and don't want to open it as I'm afraid to ruin the beautiful wrapping.

I can't bear to throw the boxes and paper away.  I don't remember what was wrapped in this paper but I have kept the paper for many years.

Do you save wrapping paper, shopping bags, ribbons, etc.?
From Mitsukoshi Department Store

Happy Rednesday


Donnie said...

That is some beautiful wrapping paper.

Kim, USA said...

Yes this is beautiful!!

craftyles said...

That is really pretty wrapping paper-I'd save it too.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

There's a wonderful store here in Santa Monica that sells Japanese papers, so gorgeous! I do save paper that's lovely to me (or sentimental for some reason) and also to use for collage or if not so pretty, to use as shredded paper for packaging.

Happy Rednesday,