Wednesday, November 2, 2011

289. P is for Peaceful

Here is a peace-loving Lab.  He is at the Occupy Vancouver walk.  He often goes on peace marches and is unfazed by the crowd.
ABC Wednesday - P


Kay L. Davies said...

Lovely yellow Lab. I have a real soft spot for big yellow dogs!
I'm not sure what street this second one was taken on, but I see the mountains, and the cross street is Hornby, so I'm guessing — Georgia, eastbound? None of the buildings are familiar. I've been gone too long.
I enjoyed this post, Christine, a dog and a guessing game. Good fun.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Roger Owen Green said...

Yay, peace pup!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Roy Schulze said...

Good luck with the demonstration. I don't like the way they've been ending in some American cities. And having lived through the G20 in Toronto, I haven't much faith in our authorities to do any better.

My ABC Wednesday this week is Pink!

chubskulit said...

So PRETTY! Late visiting from ABC Wednesday.

You can find my Presidents of the United States entry through the link. Thanks!

Gel said...

Awww. I'm SUCH a doggie person. He is adorable! Labs are known for their patient, peaceful demeanor. And that Peace sign brings back memories and is certainly apt now!

Nanka said...

Peaceful in character and really a peace loving Lab!!

Jo Bryant said...

Awwwwww - he looks so calm - as if nothing is a problem

Andy said...

Although I don't have any with me right now, I'm a complete dog lover.
This lab is beautiful & labs in general have a gentle nature...that's why they make very good dogs for the blind.

Nice post.
Thanks fro sharing.

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